Retaining Walls


Our team of professionals will build your retaining wall the right way. Knowing what is behind the wall is just as important as face appearance. Our installers/designers are trained and SRW certified. They know what it takes to build a long lasting wall that will ensure you get a quality-professionally built retaining wall. Our team will make sure your wall will stand the test of time by using dependable products such as Vers-a-Lok, King Block, Kastle-Wall, Techo Block, or Unilock. The quality products that All Around Town Outdoor Services uses shows our level of commitment to superior results.

Retaining walls are a great way to add depth to your landscape design, as well as hold back the earth when needed. Our team of experts have had years of experience when it comes to the proper size and placement of each wall. Rest assured with our years of experience we have honed in on proper material selection, drainage placement, load/force calculation, and practicality of design. This enables us to guide you through the design and material selection process, while understanding the wear and force that they will need to withstand to last a long time. 

We can provide you with anything from a basic retaining wall system to an elaborate, complex solution. We are intimately familiar with design and engineering considerations, construction fundamentals, basic wall design elements, and advanced wall features. We stay up to date with current industry standards including product specifications, construction details, geo-grid requirements, and new material introductions. 

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