Design & Project Management

Design Considerations:

Designing a project can be an overwhelming task to people looking to do a landscape project. We have a wonderful design team that will help you through the process every step of the way. From designing the yard of your dreams to picking out the materials they have the knowledge to guide you and make the project enjoyable from start to finish. We will start the project by sitting down with you at your home and asking you questions about your project. Our questionnaire will go through all facets of the projects to give us the information we need to design your outdoor living environment to match your needs and wants. We use our knowledge of materials, your preferences, and budget to create a custom 3-D design for you. We will invite you to our office to view the design, present you with product options, and lay out your project from start to finish. Using our quality installers along with a few select sub-contractors we can accomplish your project all under one roof. No need to juggle several contractors for the job, let us handle it all for you. All design services and quotes are free. You will be provided the design package our team of experts created for you once a signed contract and down payment is received. In the event you would like to keep the design package without a commitment fees may apply.

Project Management: 

  1. BUDGET If your project is large however budget is a concern, you may choose to ask your contractor to provide good, better, best version of the project. Perhaps you would like to do the project in phases we can customize your project to fit your budget. We offer financing as well making getting your dream yard easy. 
  2. TIMELINE Be sure to tell your contractor if there are any times that workers cannot be onsite and whether there is a deadline for the project. We schedule all jobs on a first come first work basis and will strive to meet all deadlines for projects. We are always upfront with our timeline of work before embarking on a project. Weather sometimes impacts the timing of projects, so be sure to understand what happens in the event of rain or unforeseen circumstances. Our sales team will give you a projected start date at the time you sign your contract. Our customer service representative or sales team will update you of any delays should the schedule be pushed back due to rain or any unforeseen circumstances. 
  3. WAYS OF WORKING Your contractor’s crew will be on your property throughout the duration of the project. Make sure to agree and understand the ground rules before the project begins. What time will work begin and end each day? Will the crew work weekends? Our crews work four-ten hour days working 7:00AM until 5:00PM each day. This means they will typically be onsite at 8:00am and leave each day by 4:30pm this allows for mobilization in the morning and travel to and from the worksite. Keep in mind we do adjust the schedule for out of town work. Our crews do not typically work weekends, unless overtime pay is approved by the client to expedite the project. What is their daily clean up routine? Our crews will clean up all tools and debris on the project site and blow off any hard surface areas daily. If there are ever any concerns with site safety of cleanliness please contact our office immediately so this can be corrected. Where will equipment be stored? In the event, we will need specialized equipment for more than a day or two on your site a job trailer will be left onsite. We discuss where this can be placed one our first meeting and will have you sign off on placement upon contract signing.  
  4. BEING NEIGHBORLY It’s generally a good idea to let your immediate neighbors know about your project in advance so they can prepare themselves for a little noise and dust. 
  5. COMMUNICATION Throughout your project make sure you and your contractor have open lines of communication. Establish in advance who to contact if you have concerns and how often you’d like your contractor to provide you with updates. If you notice something that does not look right on your project or you would like to make a change let your sales team member know right away. It is better to correct things right away to prevent delays and more added costs. Our sales team will give daily updates on the project unless you ask for longer periods of time between contact. 
  6. CHANGES Even the best managed and planned projects occasionally run into unforeseen circumstances or last minute design changes. Be sure to understand the contractor’s procedure for handling these changes and how they will affect the final price of the project. All project changes will be done through the sales team and a change order will be submitted and signed off on by you before the change is made. This is to prevent you from getting a surprise at the end of the project when we do final billing. This includes change orders for unforeseen circumstances. We will not do any work that will add to the cost of the project without your written consent. 
  7. PROJECT WRAP UP Once you and your sales professional have performed a final inspection of your completed project, and you are happy with the work, be sure to recommend your contractor to friends, family and neighbors. If you can, write a favorable online review. Your sales professional will walk the project with you the day before the crew is offsite to develop a punch list of items still needing completion per the contract to make sure the job is completed to your and our standards. The list will be completed before the crew leaves the site. Your sales professional will walk the project again at a designated time the day after completion to make sure you are satisfied with the work we will then have you sign off on the work at that time your one year warranty period will begin. A final invoice for the project will be presented to you upon the final inspection and payment is expected. We will follow up in the following weeks and months to make sure your project is still living up to your expectations and this allows us to make any corrections within the warranty period.