Outdoor Kitchen & Bars


An outdoor kitchen or outside bar provides a designated space for family and friends to stop by your home, have a cold drink, enjoy a meal and stay a while. Working with our designers at All Around Town to create your outdoor living space is a fun and exciting process where we can make your dreams a reality. Be it a fully customized layout or one of our many modular ready to install options, we can create a space that fits your style and budget. We have partnered with Exterus Outdoor to bring you the best in modular kitchen design and outdoor living. With their manufacturing facility located in the mid-west, the cabinets are built and shipped just short way to us quickly and American made. That coupled with a wide range of grills and accessories including Fire Magic, Primo Ceramic Grills, AOG, Summerset,True Refrigeration, and many more. This enables us to work within your budget and style to design a space you will love and enjoy for many years to come! 


Benefits of an outdoor kitchen or bar:


  • A great place to entertain both family and friends, allowing everyone to socialize while the food is on the grill. Many times the indoor kitchen can become crowded during family gatherings. Or the cook is inside while everyone else is outside enjoying the weather and the new pool we just put in for them. 
  • Saves on utility bills by keeping the air conditioning inside while the party is outside. Everyone knows cranking on the oven and stove during a hot summer day can cause an indoor kitchen to heat up in no time. As well as people constantly are going in and out of the door, causing you to loose the cool air in the house. Having everything you need outside can eliminate these issues, while adding resale value to your home. 
  • Less smell in the house from all the different spices and dishes cooking. All it takes is one hot pepper or strong sauce to leave a lingering smell for a good few days.
  • Less of a mess to clean up in the end. Since the grill eliminates most of the need for pots and pans, you have less of a mess in the end! 


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