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Your Journey to Tranquility Begins Here!

Step outside your fast-paced life and into the soothing, effervescent waters of your new Garden Leisure Spa. Now offering seven models, Garden Leisure Spas has the perfect fit for every spa enthusiast. Built to last and designed for comfort, Garden Leisure spas offer everything discerning spa owners crave. Ample room and first-class amenities make for a winning combination while high performance pumps and a wide range of jets ensure a professional quality rubdown. The Garden Leisure line will bring a sense of beauty to your backyard and a sense of serenity to your life.



Benefits of Garden Spas & Swim Spas:


  • Wide range of models to fit your specific needs. From 3 person up to 7 person spas as well as swim spas, Garden Spas has you covered!
  • Wide range of valued added features that can take your home spa experience to the next level. 
  • Full digital controls, custom LED lighting, bluetooth audio, fountain jets, and so much more!
  • Custom skirting options to choose from that are easy to clean and are low maintenance!
  • Hot water hydrotherapy systems with strategically placed jets for best relaxation and therapy results.
  • Swim Spas allow you to exercise 365 days a year, while having the relaxation benefits of a hot tub.
  • Swim Spas come in 4 different size options and layouts to fit your specific needs.
  • Swim Spas can be installed above ground or bellow ground with ease!


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